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Chewaya BBQ


About Chewaya BBQ

Welcome to the Chewaya BBQ Food Truck (pronounced shaw-way-ah), which means barbecue in Moroccan. We offer a truly unique, mobile dining experience and look forward to sharing our tasty food at a location near you. Our food truck can be found in and around Seattle with incredible plates, wraps and salads featuring our marinated meats. You can choose a base of couscous, saffron rice or a side of pita bread. Try the Lemon Dajaj Chicken marinated in Moroccan preserved lemons or the slow cooked Tanjia Beef served with pickled carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, white garlic sauce and tomato jam. Food Truck Catering needs? Look no further. Let Chewaya BBQ bring our fresh and authentic cuisine to you!