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About Chewaya BBQ

Welcome to the Chewaya BBQ Food Truck (pronounced shaw-way-ah), which means barbecue in Moroccan. We offer a truly unique, mobile dining experience and look forward to sharing our tasty food at a location near you. Our food truck can be found in and around Seattle with incredible plates, wraps and salads featuring our marinated meats. You can choose a base of couscous, saffron rice or a side of pita bread. Try the Lemon Dajaj Chicken marinated in Moroccan preserved lemons or the slow cooked Tanjia Beef served with pickled carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, onions, white garlic sauce and tomato jam. Food Truck Catering needs? Look no further. Let Chewaya BBQ bring our fresh and authentic cuisine to you!

4.74 (105 reviews)

Carrie R.

March 2024

The food is excellent and love chatting with the folks working the truck.

Sarah S.

April 2021

The falafel was crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. The hummus was yummy and I loved the salad.

Aaron R.

March 2021

The food was delicious with a nice spice, and they were on time with my order.

Lauren H.

January 2021

, little heavy on the clove in the rice, but those cooked carrots are amazing!!! I could eat a whole bowl of those. Would fine with you again 😁

Bryan W.

August 2020

(very good but just a little spicy for me. I wouldn't have any problem ordering it again if this food truck came back. )

Jeff S.

May 2020

Food is great but price is high so I would put more veggies and salad in meals to deliver value. Meat amount is ok.

Michael F.

May 2020

Unique flavors and texture. combination of spicy and sweet. Texture of bread with vegetables and green apple was awesome

Valerie S.

May 2020

I have no idea what I ate! I ordered the beef, son had the chicken. The white sauce was amazing and really tied everything together!

Judy L.

May 2020

The food was good - we ordered early at 1:00 and asked for our order to be ready at 6:00. We were texted at 7:00 that our food was ready. The staff was not as friendly as we have had in the past - customer service could be more of a focus in the future. Thank you for asking!

Corinne W.

May 2020

. The food is delicious, the online ordering process was super convenient and the food was on time. Thank you!!