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Brothers Seafood Sandwiches Seafood Food Truck in Phoenix, AZ

At Brothers Seafood Sandwiches, we specialize in delicious gourmet seafood sandwiches! We offer a variety of mouth-watering dishes including shrimp rolls, our special brothers roll, seafood burgers, fried seafood subs, fish and chips, and so much more! Cooking delicious food and providing exceptional food service has always been in our blood! Our family's deli restaurant in Michigan has been owned and operated for more than 60 years! Everything we make is homemade - completely made from scratch, including our savory sauces, soup broths, and marinara sauce. We take pride in ensuring everything we serve to our customers pleases their palates and that our customers walk away with food that they truly enjoy!

A little backstory on the namesake of our business: our immediate family consists of three brothers: Todd, David, and Randy. We always shared a passion for food and dreamed about starting our own food truck or restaurant together. Unfortunately one of our brothers - Randy - was diagnosed with cancer. Once he passed, it was more clear than ever that life is too short and that we did not want to waste any more time in turning our dream into a reality. We love and miss our brother Randy very much and hope to keep his memory alive through our love of food and Brothers Seafood Sandwiches!

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