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Bro-Ritos Food Truck

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About Bro-Ritos Food Truck

Bro-Ritos Mexican Food Truck in New Jersey

Bro-Ritos Food Truck is a place where you and your bros can bro out on some big ol' bro-ritos. If you're in Jersey City, NJ, you've most likely heard of 'em. That's because these bros are passionate about their bro-ritos, sharing their die-hard love with all who join the bro-volution.

As foodies ourselves, we're more than happy to take part in this bountiful bro feast. At Bro-Ritos Food Truck, every bro-rito is handcrafted with the heartiest ingredients around, piling in rice and beans and a whole lotta meat. From tender ground beef to spicy chicken chipotle, sweet peppers and black beans simmered in adobo, if you're looking for full bodied flavor, you'll find it here. But these bros also knew that their bro-ness could be extended to other hearty comfort eats on the streets, which is why you'll find their bro-adillas, tacos and bowls stuffed with that same bro goodness. So why wait? Find Bro-Ritos Food Truck in Jersey City, NJ, or invite these bros to cater your next event. Trust us. These bros get us.