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Bob's Fish Fry

Gourmet Seafood, Southern Comfort

About Bob's Fish Fry

Bob's Fish Fry Food Truck in Nashville

Back when suppertime and gone fishin' meant the same thing, a legend was born on the cliffs of Possum Kingdom Lake in the heart and soul of Texas. Bob Davis started fryin' fish.
Over the years, as Bob fried fish for his friends in the Texas sun, word of Bob's fish spread far and wide, the best fish anyone's ever tasted! So crisp! So fresh! So . . . Texan!
More and more people came to experience the fish, and Bob's youngest son stood by his side. Together, they perfected the recipe.
You can search until the cows come home, but you'll never taste anything like it. So, pull up a chair, tuck in your napkin, and get ready to experience a legendary family recipe while you make new friends. Because if there's anything we know about Bob and his fish, it's that there's always room for one more at the table. Welcome to Bob's Fish Fry!

4.79 (932 reviews)

Patrick C.

December 2022

Good fresh food as always!

Blake D.

November 2022

The catfish is the best in the city hands down!

Cary R.

November 2022

Hush puppies, fish tacos, all of it, really!

Glorien D.

November 2022

Fish tacos were delicious and the portions were generous. Banana pudding was also delicious

Peggy D.

August 2022

- Bob's fish fry was delicious!!!

David D.

August 2022

Guys at the truck were awesome. Fish was perfect. Really enjoyed the beans and salad. Just good food and nice folks. Would eat again.


May 2021

The seasoning and flavor of the fish along with the tartar sauce. Simply delicious! Everyone cleaned their plates.

PaTricia R.

May 2021

Everything was great! The hush puppies could be a little more generous but everything tasted really good!

Hannah-Grace G.

April 2021

The friendly staff! And great food

Virginia H.

April 2021

Food was fabulous and outstanding service to go with it!!!!!!!! We also love the tartar sauce!!!!!!!!!!