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Blue Monkey Shaved Ice

Desserts, Shaved Ice

About Blue Monkey Shaved Ice

Blue Monkey Shaved Ice Food Truck in Nashville

We just love shaved ice!
For us, shaved ice is love. I first fell in love with it as a kid. It was that fun treat I got to have with dad when I did something good. As a passionate cook and foodie, I later fell in love with the textures and flavors you could get from something so simple if you just used quality ingredients and techniques. I was hooked! I traveled the world in search of the best flavors, textures, and ingredients. During that time, a businessman wanted to meet with me about putting my shaved ice in his shop. He wasn't there when I arrived but a nice young girl named Brittani was. We chatted for a few minutes and later that week she came and made shaved ice on the truck with me. So lastly, I fell in love while making shaved ice. We've been together ever since and now I get to call her my wife! All the love we've gotten from this experience, we hope to share with you when you come by!
- Dave & Britt