About Big Acai Arizona

Big Acai Arizona Açaí Food Truck in Phoenix, AZ

My name is Jake. In 2015, I made the move from the Midwest to the West Coast. I moved into the city of North Hollywood which is located in Los Angeles. Shortly after the move, I became increasingly aware of and interested in a health-conscious lifestyle. I hopped on board and starting feeding my body with healthier options and ingredients, and I noticed that my happiness and energy level exponentially improving right along with it.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I consumed my first açaí bowl. I was hooked right away, so hooked that I got a job at the cafe that sold me the bowl and starting working a week later. I began to learn everything I could about açaí and all of the foods typically served along with it. I loved seeing the reaction of people trying açaí for the first time (and trying to pronounce it), it was addicting and people loved it! After working at the cafe and researching the acai market for a couple of years, I decided that I needed to bring this health-conscious (and delicious!) meal option back to the Midwest.

I am truly excited for you to try all of these healthy, delicious options that I have brought back home. I hope you enjoy the Big Açaí Bowls I create for you!