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Bean Loft Coffee Company Truck in Nashville

We really want you to come by and ask this question! let's meet each other!
But since you are here, We first started out as a small bargain store selling a little bit of everything. After some time, we started getting espresso machines in our shipments and so we had to test every single machine to make sure they worked. (you can only imagine how much coffee was made.) So anyways, as we started selling them learned a lot about the process, and really really enjoyed making drinks ( and the terrible shots we made along the way)
shortly after we decided to build a small trailer and make a small "cafe" to share coffee and smiles with more people and soon there after Bean Loft was born!
We buy local roasted beans and help support local small businesses like ours
We do travel for catering, weddings, parties, and office events.
We obviously have the superior customer service, awesome coffee, and great deals. and much more!

Now, if you want more info, come see us. Hurry!

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