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About B&R Burgers on Wheels

The B&R Burgers on Wheels Food Truck is serving up Burgers the old fashioned way, like Grandma used to make. They've been in the LA area since 1994 and have several physical locations with breakfast items as well. Their food truck is an street side extension of the restaurant but also takes on Catering gigs. B&R Burgers doesn't skimp on quality when it comes to ingredients, You can taste the difference in every bite. Come have a try and see for yourself why we are called South LA's Best Burger!

4.15 (34 reviews)

Bastiaan D.

September 2022

A lettuce wrapped burger means there full lettuce leaves instead of the bun so it can actually still be eaten as a burger. Not fully sliced strips of lettuce.

Laura W.

June 2021

Huge juicy burgers with so much flavor, reasonable prices too. Fries are yummy!

Kiara S.

April 2021

Home made tasting burgers

Latoya W.

April 2021

The fries were cold and hard....also the burger should have been hot not cold.

Dominique B.

April 2021

Order online, hot food, quality burger

T O.

July 2020

Burger was delish!!!

Jeremy R.

April 2020

Good burger Very tasty 😋

Gloria G.

April 2020

the food was made fast

Stephen S.

August 2019

Great burger!

Laura G.

June 2019

Good burger but they seemed unnerved by the online ordering system.