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Auntie PJ's Water Ice


About Auntie PJ's Water Ice

Auntie PJ's Water Ice

When Philadelphia native, Priscilla Jackson (PJ), moved to the Sunshine State, she knew that the sandy beaches and the blue skies were where she wanted to live. While heartily embracing the Tampa Bay area and all of its wonderful offerings, PJ could not deny the times when the nostalgia of Philly cried loudly! PJ found that she could easily get a Cheesesteak, a Pretzel, and TastyKakes and while they weren’t always the closest to the true Philly experience, they worked wonders for her homesickness. However, she quickly realized that nothing in the Bay Area matched, or even mimicked, the Water Ice experience.

As PJ continued to reflect on the memories of her youth, she wanted to find a way to join the wonderful memories of her home city and combine them with the lush and lively landscape of her new home. But how could Water Ice really be experienced by the masses? Thus Auntie PJ’s Water Ice was born. Instead of the traditional brick-and-mortar location, she decided to make it mobile. This rolling creation will allow the Water Ice experience to be enjoyed from the youngest of babes to the lively centenarian!

So, when you’re ready to experience the iconic Water Ice, just look around and Auntie PJ’s might be rolling your way!

Auntie PJ's Water Ice is available for food truck catering!