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Artessano Lite

Caribbean, Latin, Tacos, Vegan, Vegetarian

About Artessano Lite

Artessano Lite Desserts Food Truck in Austin

Right in the heart of the Pangea Lounge on the east side of Austin, you will find the famous Artessano. This homey little trailer offers a sweet glimpse of Colombian life, complete with authentic South American recipes and a relaxing casual atmosphere. There’s truly nothing quite like an evening out with your friends, enjoying the Texan sunset with a cool tropical drink in one hand and a fresh warm empanada in the other. This friendly crew uses simple ingredients, such as meats, fruits, and veggies, to craft a selection of arepas, rice bowls, fried green plantains, juices, and ice pops, along with their signature empanadas. Zippy and spicy, savory or sweet...prepare to be amazed by the sensory experience that is a meal from Artessano.