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Amandas Bananas Ice Cream Food Truck in New Jersey

We love ice cream. (I mean really, who doesn’t?) But sadly, ice cream – dairy in particular – doesn’t love us. We also love our juicer. (I mean really, blended fruit that tastes like a delicious treat – who doesn’t love that?) And thankfully juicing – bananas in particular – DOES love us.

A 15+-year career in the restaurant business and a love of bringing fresh, new, healthy, and delicious products to our communities made opening Amanda Bananas exactly the right fit for us. We get to take to the streets (or markets or piers or convention centers or anywhere else our customers bring us) and hang out with you. We love that we get to make delicious treats that are healthy, dairy and gluten-free, and so much fun to eat.

Sharing our awesome treats with you. We’re always trying out new topping creations and get excited when our customers share a new combination with us.

– Amanda & Steve