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Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, a riverside community of nearly a quarter million residents. This city in the heart of America is a cultural and economic center in the southeast. Arts are a featured draw here, and travelers are treated to some of the region's finest groups like the Arkansas Repertory Theater and the Symphony Orchestra. Little Rock also sports 48 parks and some prime riverside fun. When the sun goes down and it's dinnertime in the south, community and quality are in focus. You can taste it in the local entrees, where comfort and a little love are also key ingredients. The same thing can be said of the food truck scene in town, where unique slow cooked flavors and aromas will have you chomping at the bit for a bite. Popular favorites in Little Rock include the Middle Matters Food Truck, encouraging you to grab life by the Sandwich, and the Juicy J Chicken and Fish truck which offers delicious fried chicken and fish plates. Pro tip: cool off with an amazing Strawberry Lemonade. There's no shortage of delicious options awaiting hungry folks in Little Rock!

Best Food Trucks in Little Rock, AR To Please Your Taste Buds And Smell

Food trucks in Little Rock have the best affordable options for catering any type of event. Made to order meals delivered and served right at your location. Have you asked yourself, “Where can I find Food Truck Catering near me in Little Rock?” The Best Food Trucks team helps you find the right food truck caterer for you: we specialize in weddings, graduations and employee appreciation events. Whether it’s catering for your office or for your event, Best Food Trucks will set up an online ordering process or grab and go service to get guests served fresh and delicious meals quickly and efficiently. Many Arkansas neighborhoods and offices team up to bring Arkansas food trucks weekly to serve meals. A rotating selection of food trucks ensures variety and fun! If you’re interested in booking a food truck to set up a regular rotation, click here.

Finding “local food trucks near me” in Little Rock

You can use the Best Food Trucks map above to find and order from the best food trucks in Little Rock. Want an incredible hot dog? Try Hot Rod Wieners. Perhaps you're craving arepas and empanadas. Find the Tren Al Sur truck for some of the best in Arkansas. If it's regional cuisine you're seeking, BBQ Benefitting Arkansas has incredible nachos, smoked ribs and pulled pork sandwiches. Don't forget a side of homemade queso dip. Whatever your preference, there is a food truck in Little Rock for you!

The Best Way to Find Food Trucks in Little Rock

If you’re looking to hire “food trucks available near me” in Arkansas use the Best Food Trucks mobile app. You can download it here for either IOS or Android. The Best Food Trucks app provides detailed information on each food truck, including the location and what type of cuisine they offer. Customers can order right from the app for pick up and get alerted when the food is ready!

Time to Eat

Now it’s time to eat! Get out there and enjoy everything the Little Rock Food Truck scene has to offer. Don’t forget to take some awesome pictures of your delicious meals, tag your favorite food trucks and please tag Best Food Trucks USA. We love seeing customer pics and we’ll typically repost with permission.

Thanks for using Best Food Trucks and Happy Eating!

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4.64 (123,883 reviews)

Brandi G.

26 May 2023

It was fresh and prepared beautifully. The sauces were delicious. I have never had Peruvian food and I will definitely be back

Nicole S.

26 May 2023

Great tasting meals and pleasant owners. We highly recommend them and would use it again.

Andrea K.

26 May 2023

The Heat burger was DELICIOUS. The jalapeños were fresh and crisp and the pepper sauce was just right! Onion rings were crispy. Great portions!

Jed B.

26 May 2023

The flavors were phenomenal! Someone clearly knows how to cook. And the portions were very generous and all ingredients were fresh. Would absolutely order from this truck again. Nice work Rolling Recipe!!

Toi D.

26 May 2023

. Oh goodness, my destination was only 10 minutes from the truck and I had already eaten half of my food before I got to it🫣.

Lauren D.

26 May 2023

The food was great! Cinnabon is always a winner! However, would be nice to have a pre-order pick up line since it was advertised to "save time" by ordering ahead and the wait was the same.

Alicia R.

25 May 2023

Food was fresh, flavorful, cooked well, good even though I picked it up a little late and it was slightly cold. Very good food.

Reynard B.

25 May 2023

I ordered the Cuban burrito bowl and it was fantastic. Everything was very flavorful and prepared to perfection. Definitely will be getting this again

Elizabeth R.

25 May 2023

Crispy Brussels were on point. Nashville hot po boy was delish with a good amount of heat. 10/10, would recommend.

Dani T.

25 May 2023

Food was just plain good. The best food from a food truck visiting our neighborhood. And ready at exactly the time I requested