Food Truck Large Scale Events Catering in Wilmington (DE)

Large-scale events have their own kind of challenges, only magnified by the service of not just hundreds of attendees but often thousands. Whether you're looking for complete service options or complementary ones to your established catering contract, Best Food Trucks has every option available in catering for big groups to help you pull off your sure-to-please large scale event!
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Best Catering Expertise

By managing food truck daily life from event booking, to online ordering and catering we have cultivated an intimate relationship with great vendors throughout the country and know exactly which truck(s) will suit your needs, from a small neighborhood party to massive corporate events.


Food Truck Catering for Large Scale Events in Wilmington, DE:

Wilmington's vibrant large-scale events, from the bustling Riverfront festivals to the lively outdoor concerts at Rodney Square, demand exceptional food to match the high-quality entertainment. Gone are the days when outdoor events in Wilmington, DE, had to rely solely on tent vendors with their lengthy setup times and additional permitting requirements. Today, food trucks bring the culinary adventure right to the attendees, offering a diverse array of gourmet and casual dining options with the convenience and efficiency that only a mobile kitchen can provide. Whether it's a major sporting event at Frawley Stadium or a community gathering in Brandywine Park, food truck catering services elevate the experience by offering a variety of choices previously unimaginable with traditional tent vendors.

Food trucks in Wilmington, DE, come in all shapes, sizes, and flavors, ensuring that every event attendee finds something to love. From the American comfort food served up by Fiona's Fish & Chips, to the exotic Indian flavors of Kia Ora Dosa, the multicultural delights from Halal Food LLC, the soul-warming dishes of Krys' Soul Kreations, to the refreshing desserts from MarveLicious Water Ice, there's a food truck to satisfy every palate. Best Food Trucks specializes in arranging a diverse lineup of food truck vendors for your large-scale events in Wilmington, DE, ensuring your catering needs are met with the highest level of satisfaction and variety.

Choosing Best Food Trucks for your event catering in Wilmington, DE, means giving your attendees an unforgettable culinary experience that complements the unique spirit of your event. Let us take the hassle out of arranging food services, so you can focus on hosting a memorable event that attendees will talk about for years to come. With Best Food Trucks, you're not just getting food; you're adding an integral piece of Wilmington's vibrant food culture to your event.

Large Scale Events catering

Experience Seamless Dining at Wilmington's Large-Scale Events!

At Wilmington's grand gatherings, from the electrifying music festivals at Tubman-Garrett Riverfront Park to the cultural celebrations that light up the streets of Market Street, Best Food Trucks brings an innovative online ordering system that revolutionizes the way attendees enjoy food. Say goodbye to the frustration of long lines! Now, your guests can effortlessly order from their smartphones, immersing themselves in the event's excitement without missing a beat. They'll receive a text notification when their mouthwatering meal is ready for pickup, ensuring they spend more time enjoying the festivities and less time waiting.

For event organizers planning large-scale happenings in Wilmington, DE, such as the iconic Clifford Brown Jazz Festival or the spirited Wilmington Flower Market, offering a pre-order option elevates the attendee experience. By sending out a pre-order link, attendees can select their desired pick-up time before the event even kicks off, streamlining their day and allowing them to dive straight into the fun upon arrival. Best Food Trucks' state-of-the-art online ordering system is specifically designed to handle the bustling atmosphere of Wilmington's large-scale events, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable dining experience for everyone involved. Combining the convenience of food trucks with advanced online ordering, Best Food Trucks guarantees your guests will relish in the culinary delights while fully engaged in the unique vibrancy of your event.

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Our features

Streamlined Requests

With our quick and simple online catering form, you can request food trucks for your next event in a matter of minutes, specifying your guest count, budget and dates.

Choose Your Favorites

After you submit a catering request to us, our team will check availability for you and send over a list of amazing food truck menus to browse through (try not to drool).

Simplified Payments

Once you've decided on which truck you'd like to book, confirming them is as easy as clicking a button. All payments are handled securely on our website for ease of booking.


If your meal time is limited, our staff will work with you to coordinate an online pre-order system where meals are predetermined and handed out hot during service.

Support Team

Our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way from planning to organizing to grubbing your little heart out. With every event you'll have a dedicated member of our team available in case anything should arise.

Corporate Portal

With customizable features, executives can set up their own account, add a credit card and let their employees order as they want from the food truck or set spending limits.

They talk about us

4.64 (135,598 reviews)

Deborah M.

24 February 2024

Love the original, gingerbread, and chocolate cinnamon swirl. Whoopie pies are fresh, appreciated that we could preorder to get the flavors we wanted.

Christine D.

24 February 2024

Friendly staff. I had ordered online and it was waiting for me when I arrived. Nicely packaged. I love all the different varieties you offer. Haven't had one I didn't like.


23 February 2024

Love Shula’s burgers always! I do wish they would notify your order is ready by text instead of email. My order was sitting there for 22 minutes. Not horrible cause I was going to gently reheat anyway after our Happy Hours. Lol! Would order again in a heartbeat.

Edward L.

23 February 2024

Burgers were phenomenal. Flavorful but light and filling. Super friendly. Will definitely order again.

Sophia O.

23 February 2024

2nd week in a row having these tacos some of the best tacos i’ve ever eaten!! Will continue to be on the look out for where they go next

Nicole K.

23 February 2024

Everything was delicious. Donuts were amazing and the donut on top of the lemonade was a nice touch. Taco wrap, pork sandwich and quesadilla were all great

Lisa B.

22 February 2024

The pizzas were delicious, as usual. The crust is the perfect medium, not thin or thick. Loved the toppings and it was a perfect dinner on a rainy night. Please come back soon!

Kiera L.

22 February 2024

Every cupcake I've ever had from The Cupcake Collection has been amazing! Their red velvet and sweet potato are out-of-this-world good! And the service is always spot on, whether I'm at the shop or the truck! Outstanding!

Dominik S.

22 February 2024

Amazing all-around. Service managed a long line with ease, everyone was not only impressed by the quality of food but also the portions. From before, during, and after service; everyone kept talking about how unique and great a truck like this was. My boss was also more than pleased on the outcome, we would love to use this truck again for future events.

Dona L.

22 February 2024

We scheduled them for an event and they came early to allow time for setup and prep. They had unique items on the menu that you do not normally get from other food trucks. The lobster cheeseteak was the most delicious cheesesteak I ever tasted. The lobster loaded fries, were phenomenal. Of the 2 trucks we scheduled, this one was the more popular one. I would hire them back in a heartbeat!

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