Food Truck Event Catering in Gainesville

Looking for food trucks to rent for events? These Gainesville food trucks are fully self-contained and ready to serve in less than 15 minutes. With less mess and easier permitting than traditional tent vendors, food truck catering Gainesville FL is the best choice for any event.
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Best Catering Expertise

By managing food truck daily life from event booking, to online ordering and catering we have cultivated an intimate relationship with great vendors throughout the country and know exactly which truck(s) will suit your needs, from a small neighborhood party to massive corporate events.


Food Truck Catering for Events in Gainesville:

Gainesville events, known for their vibrant atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds, deserve nothing less than exceptional food to match. Gone are the days when outdoor events in Gainesville had to rely solely on tent vendors with their cumbersome setup and breakdown times. Today, the trend of renting food trucks for events has taken Gainesville by storm, offering full-service food trucks in Gainesville that are completely self-contained, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for both organizers and attendees.

Whether it's a lively concert at Bo Diddley Plaza, an outdoor movie night under the stars, or any gathering that brings the Gainesville community together, a Gainesville food truck catering company provides a variety of options that traditional tent vendors simply can't match. With food trucks like the mouth-watering barbecue from Blueline Q, the comforting American classics from Crazy 8 Snack Shack and Rancho Luna Food Truck, the exotic flavors of Africa from A, to the delightful Spanish cuisine of The Dancing Empanada, there's a food truck Gainesville FL ready to elevate your event with their culinary delights.

Food trucks Gainesville Florida come in all shapes and sizes, offering both gourmet experiences and casual bites, ensuring that every event attendee's taste and dietary preferences are met. This flexibility and variety make Gainesville FL food trucks the perfect catering option for any event in Gainesville, promising an unforgettable experience for all.

Event catering

Skip the line and savor the fun in Gainesville!

With Best Food Trucks' innovative online ordering system, event-goers in Gainesville can now enjoy more of what they love about local events without the wait. Whether you're soaking up the vibes at a music festival in Depot Park, enjoying the art scene at the Thornebrook Art Festival, or cheering on the Gators, there's no need to spend precious moments in line. Attendees can simply order from their smartphones and receive a text when their delicious meal is ready for pickup thanks to food truck catering Gainesville FL. This streamlined service ensures that the focus remains on the excitement and camaraderie of Gainesville's events, enhancing the overall experience.

Moreover, event organizers can elevate convenience by sharing a pre-order link, allowing attendees to schedule their pickup before the festivities begin. This fusion of food truck Gainesville FL culture with cutting-edge technology is what makes catering in Gainesville not just about satisfying hunger, but about enriching local events with efficiency and flair. Embrace the future of food trucks to rent for events in Gainesville, where Gainesville food trucks and online ordering come together to keep the spotlight on fun and community.

Event catering

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Our features

Streamlined Requests

With our quick and simple online catering form, you can request food trucks for your next event in a matter of minutes, specifying your guest count, budget and dates.

Choose Your Favorites

After you submit a catering request to us, our team will check availability for you and send over a list of amazing food truck menus to browse through (try not to drool).

Simplified Payments

Once you've decided on which truck you'd like to book, confirming them is as easy as clicking a button. All payments are handled securely on our website for ease of booking.


If your meal time is limited, our staff will work with you to coordinate an online pre-order system where meals are predetermined and handed out hot during service.

Support Team

Our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way from planning to organizing to grubbing your little heart out. With every event you'll have a dedicated member of our team available in case anything should arise.

Corporate Portal

With customizable features, executives can set up their own account, add a credit card and let their employees order as they want from the food truck or set spending limits.

They talk about us

4.64 (140,836 reviews)

Jennifer A.

20 May 2024

Great food, nice people working the truck. Thank you!

Victoria W.

2 May 2024

The Taco Boss helped make our event a success! The staff was friendly, helpful, and communicated well throughout the process. The food was absolutely amazing!

Gina A.

25 April 2024

Thank you, District Burgers, for the fantastic food and service. Thank you for arriving on time and have an exceptional menu that all our clients enjoyed. The variety of burgers, along with the veggie meal we exactly what we needed. Thank you for having the meals ready and fantastic flavor and the presentation was marvelous.

Jan H.

22 April 2024

The event was magnificent!!! The food truck did a fabulous job and the booking of the event was seamless!! THANK YOU BEST FOOD TRUCKS!!

Rich N.

22 April 2024

The food was delicious and the service was fast, friendly and attentive.

Carla C.

11 April 2024

Wonderful, authentic food! And quick service!


9 April 2024

We absolutely loved how early they were, how efficient and kind they were! Our church members loved loved the food! such a great experience! We look forward to working with them in the near future!

Felicia S.

19 March 2024

Great food! Everyone at our event said how much they loved the menu. On time and great service.

Lauren C.

10 March 2024

What a team! Delicious food, on-time, and a master at maneuvering the TV sir truck. I would absolutely hire them again!

Mr. J.

8 March 2024

Quick replies. Fast and good service. Good portions.

Food Truck Event FAQ

What is food truck catering?
Food truck catering is when you hire a food truck to provide freshly made meals from a full service mobile kitchen for your event. Instead of using large containers filled with food made hours earlier, food is made fresh and onsite.
How does food truck catering work with Best Food Trucks?
With Best Food Trucks, you choose the budget for your event and provide details like, time, date, how many diners and what type of party you're throwing. Best Food Trucks will send out your request to regional food trucks who will submit a proposal based on your budget.
How do we choose the budget for our food truck event?
You choose the budget (within our parameters) and we'll find proposals that match that budget. Every proposal we send you will be for your submitted budget. For example if you submit a budget for $2000 for 80 people, we'll send you menus from vendors based on that budget. You'll see various menus, but they'll all be for your $2000 request.
Are there different budgets for each food truck proposal?
No. Each proposal will be for the budget you've chosen. If you have a budget of $2000, we'll only send you proposals for your budget of $2000.
What are the menu choices for my food truck event budget?
Once you choose a budget, we'll confirm the details and send out a request for proposals to the regions best food trucks! We'll submit a link for you to view food truck menus. You'll be able to select the food truck of your choice directly from the review link we send you.
How much do events charge food trucks to participate?

The industry standard is 10%. However, some larger events with extra services and minimum guarantees charge up to 20%

Can I request special options like gluten free or vegan from the food truck?
YES!!! When you're requesting proposals you can make special requests in the "additional questions or comments" section.
How many customers can food trucks serve at an event?

Food trucks can serve 250-500 customers when fully stocked. However, many events have a refrigerated truck so food trucks can replenish their supplies.

How long does it usually take to book a food truck for an event?
In larger markets, it usually takes around one to three hours to start getting menu proposals back from food trucks. In smaller markets it can take up to 24 hours to see a list of menus for your region.
How many customers can food trucks serve per hour?

Food Trucks can serve 60-100 people per hour at an event with a limited event menu.

How many people can one food truck serve for a catering event?
Most food trucks can serve around 50-70 orders per hours. For bigger events, we suggest having multiple food trucks to ensure wait times don't get out of hand.
Can food trucks plug in to avoid using a generator?

Food trucks can plug into power outlets. They typically need two 110 with 20amp circuits.

Can we do online orders or pre-orders to reduce lines at the food truck for our event?
Best Food Trucks has the best in class technology platform to allow your guests to skip the line and order directly from their phone. This ensures that your customers can enjoy your event and avoid waiting in line. When their order is ready, they'll get a text message to come pick up their order.
Why should we book a food truck through Best Food Trucks instead of reaching out to food trucks directly?
Best Food Trucks has a huge network of food trucks that we regularly work with. We collect ratings through online ordering system food trucks use daily. With our data we know which food trucks are right for your events. Additionally, we give you a selection of the best food trucks in your region so you don't have to worry about booking an unreliable food truck.
Does a food truck need power?
Food trucks come with their own generators. If you'd like to a quieter experience and have access to plugs, a food truck works best with two 20amp 110 circuits.
What are the best food trucks for parties?
Food trucks that can serve fast and serve a cuisine that can easily be eaten while standing without having to use utensils, typically work for a party atmosphere.
Are food trucks cheaper than catering?
Food trucks can be cheaper depending on the menu. However, the prices can vary considerably. Food trucks typically need a bit more staff and are bringing a full service kitchen to your event so they have additional costs which can impact the overall cost.

Hire a Food Truck for your Eventin Gainesville today

Set up a regular food truck program or just a one time event