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Food Truck Party Catering in Cleveland

If you're looking for a fun, unique, and professional way to celebrate your next party, then look no further than Best Food Trucks! We offer made to taste catering trucks for parties. We'll work with you to create a custom menu that will have your guests raving, and our team of experienced professionals will take care of everything else, so you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy your party. We know how important parties are, so we'll do everything we can to make sure yours is one to remember!
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Best Catering Expertise

By managing food truck daily life from event booking, to online ordering and catering we have cultivated an intimate relationship with great vendors throughout the country and know exactly which truck(s) will suit your needs, from a small neighborhood party to massive corporate events.


Food Truck Catering for Parties in Cleveland

Organizing a party in Cleveland? Then you're well aware of the challenges that come with ensuring everything runs smoothly. One of the biggest concerns? The food. If you're not a culinary wizard, the prospect of party food can be daunting, with the potential to make or break your event. Traditional catering can be messy and intrusive, taking up valuable space that your guests could enjoy. That's where food truck catering comes into play. By choosing Best Food Trucks, the leading name in mobile food vendor logistics, you're not just getting mouthwatering dishes prepared by top-notch chefs; you're also getting the convenience of a mobile kitchen. This means more room for your guests and less hassle for you, all while serving up some of Cleveland's finest eats without any mess or fuss.

Imagine your party being the talk of the town, featuring flavors from Cleveland's vibrant food truck scene. From the rich, Southern European tastes of Robesto's BIG Flavor Trailer, to the heartwarming American Bistro offerings of Manna Truck, not to mention the unique Sandwich creations from Cocky's Bagels, the smoky goodness of JT's Barbecue, and the innovative Gourmet Eclectic dishes of MoBite Vegan Food Truck. Each truck brings a piece of Cleveland's food culture right to your doorstep, ensuring your party is an unforgettable culinary journey.

With Best Food Trucks, you're not just planning a party; you're crafting an experience. An experience that celebrates the diversity and creativity of Cleveland's food truck chefs, all while providing a hassle-free, enjoyable event for you and your guests. Say goodbye to kitchen messes and cramped spaces, and hello to a world of flavor, all served up with Cleveland pride. Make your next party a hit with Best Food Trucks catering, and let the good times roll!

Parties catering

Skip the Line and Dive Right into the Fun of Your Cleveland Party!

Best Food Trucks brings the future of party catering to Cleveland with its innovative, online ordering system. Imagine your guests mingling, enjoying the Lake Erie breeze, and exploring the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame vibes of your party, rather than queuing up for food. With just a few taps on their smartphones, they can order from Cleveland's finest food trucks and receive a text when their mouthwatering meals are ready to be picked up. This seamless service means no more missed conversations or moments while waiting for food. Plus, with the option to send out a pre-order link, your guests can choose their pick-up times before the festivities even begin, ensuring they don't miss a beat of your event. Best Food Trucks' catering and online ordering system is the perfect recipe for a hassle-free, unforgettable party experience in Cleveland, letting you and your guests focus on what truly matters – celebrating together!

Parties catering

Hire a Food Truck for your Partiesin Cleveland today

Set up a regular food truck program or just a one time event

Our features

Streamlined Requests

With our quick and simple online catering form, you can request food trucks for your next event in a matter of minutes, specifying your guest count, budget and dates.

Choose Your Favorites

After you submit a catering request to us, our team will check availability for you and send over a list of amazing food truck menus to browse through (try not to drool).

Simplified Payments

Once you've decided on which truck you'd like to book, confirming them is as easy as clicking a button. All payments are handled securely on our website for ease of booking.


If your meal time is limited, our staff will work with you to coordinate an online pre-order system where meals are predetermined and handed out hot during service.

Support Team

Our dedicated support team will be with you every step of the way from planning to organizing to grubbing your little heart out. With every event you'll have a dedicated member of our team available in case anything should arise.

Corporate Portal

With customizable features, executives can set up their own account, add a credit card and let their employees order as they want from the food truck or set spending limits.

They talk about us

4.64 (143,526 reviews)

Jaime M.

2 July 2024

The food was absolutely incredible and they were amazing with making adjustments especially since it was a super last min hire. Like 5 days before essentially lol. Highly recommend!

Michele M.

21 May 2024

Excellent job, the food was delicious and the service was perfect

Brielle P.

14 May 2024

Great food, great service. People wanted more!

Brian C.

23 April 2024

We hired Uptown Food Truck for a private party with 60-70 attendees. Everyone loved the food choices and high quality. Chef Chris and team did a fabulous job. We had four selections and all were excellent: Bacon cheese burger, grilled chicken sandwich, shrimp and grits, and chicken and waffles. We highly recommend Uptown Food Truck.

Alexandria E.

12 March 2024

Best Food Trucks with hamburger 🍔 planet are so accommodating, kind, have great customer service and really good food. We are so thankful for how well our party turned out and the amazing work of BFT and hamburger planet! Thanks Again! The Evan’s and Savala Reed Families! ❤️🍔😁

Brian M.

31 October 2023

Pizza was great, and our guests loved the truck. Highly recommended!

William S.

3 October 2023

Extremely friendly and the ice cream was over the top good!

William S.

3 October 2023

Great customer service and delicious food Leon was great!

Cariza M.

27 September 2023

I’ll start off with initial contact with the driver. The driver was very frantic because he couldn’t find the location. He ended having to drive around and calls again practically upset because he requested a pin and he accused us of not giving him one(which we did, I showed him the text chat with the pin) . He had a very condescending tone and kept calling me “buddy”. Please keep in mind that we are setting up a venue for 136 people. This guy had one job and it’s to drive to the location. He should’ve been more prepared rather then adding a level of stress to us that we did not need. My advice to him, look through google maps to scout his location rather calling his clients. If he does call, he should have better tone because at the end of the day, we are his customers. Aside from that initial interaction, the food was great. Food came out quickly and fresh. A different guy with long hair came and he was a lot friendlier. If the owner or driver fixed his attitude, I would definitely hire them again. I’d give them 5 stars if the initial driver wasn’t such a douche.

Sonja Y.

12 September 2023

The truck was amazing! The first truck canceled on me, and these guys stepped in. The ladies were incredible and the food was great. My guests had a great time and really enjoyed the food. My numbers were way below the minimum so the ladies made about 20 extra meals to go which was much appreciated at the end of the night. Highly recommend this company.

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