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American Comfort, Fried Chicken, Fries, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs

Viva La Taco

Mexican Food


Cheese Curds

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American Comfort, Hot Dogs

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4.64 (138,897 reviews)

Rachael E.

18 April 2024

I hired Gourminis for a team event a few months ago. They were so great we hired them again! The food is delicious and the service is great!

Vika i.

18 April 2024

I loved the taste and flavor combination of the bulgogi fries! The gyoza and sauce was great too. 2 things I'd recommend is to fry the fries extra so they wouldn't be as soggy and cleaning the flat top after every bulgogi so that the meat doesn't pick up a burnt flavor from the grill otherwise it was good!

Jenn S.

18 April 2024

Food is so delicious! My beef broccoli stir fry was perfect - Had the right amount of meat , right amount of vegetables, right amount of sauce.

Judy J.

18 April 2024

Loved the speed my order was ready, the people are super nice, and my cheesecake was amazing. I always visit The Baking Room when they are at Street Eats.

Lauren B.

18 April 2024

It was on time! The food was soooo flavorful! We would love to have them again. Was so good we stopped by later just to tell them is was good!

Nancy H.

17 April 2024

Really good! Very pleased with the cook and flavor! Good service too. I appreciate them not putting the ranch in the hot bag before pickup.

Kathy P.

17 April 2024

--Donuts were great but not a good value-- too expensive for what you get. Vendor needs to charge no more than 75 cents each. If price stays as is, I would not buy again.

Riley L.

17 April 2024

They didn't have the risotto bites & ran out of Canoli's within the first hour. The parm fries were great, some said they needed a little bit of salt but I thought they were good.

Stephanie P.

17 April 2024

My favorite part was the hardworking woman inside the truck and the delicious turkey avocado aioli crepe.

Paul E.

16 April 2024

Most if not all the trucks are pretty timely when ordering in advance. They were comparatively quite late. But I would order from them again. Just constructive comments