Frequently Asked Questions - Office Lunch

How much does it cost?

Signing up and integrating with Best Food Trucks (BFT) is FREE! If you’re a property manager, employer, commercial real estate company, apartment building, leasing office, or anyone else who wants to book food trucks on a regular stop or for catering / events, we don’t charge a dime.

That means we’ll take care of all the logistics of bookings, negotiating minimums, setting up a schedule of trucks that constantly shift cuisines, and providing an order ahead technology that allows people to order ahead from the food trucks via their desktop or phone web browser costs a grand total of zero!

So how do we make our money? We work with the food trucks to provide them access & vending locations, and maximize business for them for a small convenience fee, approximately one third of our competitors. If we don’t send them wonderful customers like yourself, we don’t make money ourselves. Either way, nothing comes out of your pocket.

In short, if having a professional chef in a mobile kitchen parked right outside, which keeps your tenants, residents, and/or employees happy is completely free and makes you look great, what’s stopping you from signing up? :)

Yes, I want Food Trucks!