8 January 2023

Beach Eats in Coming Back to Marina Del Rey

Calling all LA County Food Trucks: Beach Eats is coming back soon.

Beach Eats is entering the 12th year and it's going to be better than ever! Food Trucks always have great shifts here. If you're a food truck, you'll need the LA County Business License.

Everyone scheduled for Beach Eats or any County Event, and those who would like to book Beach Eats must have a COUNTY Business License. This is not the LA County Health Permit, It's not a City of LA business license. and it's not the LA Tax Cert.

The LA County Business License can be obtained at  225 N. Hill Street Los Angeles, CA 90012, INFO -Toll-Free No.: (888) 807-2111 Email: [email protected] http://ttc.lacounty.gov/ (under business license)

Beach Eats in Coming Back to Marina Del Rey

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