27 December 2022

How New Tech Services are Making Life Simple for Food Truck Operators

People are finally returning to the office, but many will continue to work remotely from home.  Decisions on how to adapt in this post-Covid world will be a critical factor in the success for food truck operators and brands moving forward.  

Two of the bigger changes that affect both the food trucks and customers might be here to stay.  Despite office buildings slowly filling back up, the demand may be limited with more workers now contributing efforts from home.  With more people working from home, the demand for food trucks has continued to expand out to neighborhoods and large apartment complexes.  We are now witnessing the traditional ways of getting business expand to include virtual world customers looking for food trucks, and food trucks looking to find homebound customers.

Considering how much the industry may change from this point on, the technological bridge becomes even more important.  Luckily these new technological advancements have developed at the perfect time for food truck operators who need to adapt to different ways of attracting business.  Innovative food truck booking and ordering platform companies are now paving the way in connecting operators with clients and vice versa. 

The largest online food truck booking and ordering platform company in the industry, BestFoodTrucks.com, has a simple goal.  BFT wants to handle the logistics so operators can focus on the food.  BFT assists in everything from lot booking to location management (food trucks at offices and neighborhood) to exclusive order ahead technology and easy to navigate catering events.

How New Tech Services are Making Life Simple for Food Truck Operators

“We make it very simple for the food truck operator and their clients.  From how they discover one another, handling steps within the process, from the first hello to ordering and paying for your first meal.  We help bring the food truck to you, while helping the food truck bring in business.  Once our food truck programs are set up within your city, we make it easy to find food trucks at office buildings, at events, and serving neighborhoods,” said Matt Geller, CEO of Best Food Trucks.

The pandemic is challenging previously used technology that's become outdated. Traditional catering, with their scoop and serve trough serving is no longer desirable in this post covid world. Food trucks have become a safe, clean, and convenient option, technology will continue to push to keep up with an evolving ordering process and logistics solutions.  BFT iwas already ahead of the game pre-pandemic, they were situated perfectly to make sure that the food truck operators were given every opportunity to make money, not lose it.

Most importantly, companies like BFT are helping food truck operators save time and money during this recovery period.  Maximizing potential sales per hour and decreasing costs are top priority for many operators, so luckily companies like Best Food Trucks have created a simple way to bring cities a safe, convenient, and profitable food truck program.

The days of food trucks worrying about where and how to find business are now over.  As a customer, choosing the food truck they'd like outside of their office has never been easier.  And companies like BFT are bringing it all together as simple as possible, utilizing innovative technology and creative business tactics bridging this new gap between client and food truck.  And the food truck operators are loving the results and simple approach with easy access to new clients.

How New Tech Services are Making Life Simple for Food Truck Operators

These platforms continue to help customers find food trucks close by, as well as making the ordering and payment process as convenient and quick as possible.  With the ability to raise sales, while reducing costs and eliminating waste, online ordering gives trucks a much needed ace in the hole. Ultimately these new tech companies are helping food trucks better plan for the day-to-day operations while reducing cost and confusion.  

These new technological advancements in the food truck industry platforms now secure spaces available to vendors ahead of time.  BFT also offers a vendor app that will allow operators to book locations and days that work best, and even limit access to locations to ensure variety and fairness.  That process ultimately helps customers then find food trucks close by through BFT’s customer app, and even arrange a pickup time for convenience.

This new technology basically allows customers to stalk their favorite food trucks, or just locate what may be close by.  That inevitably produces more sales the food truck operator perhaps would have missed out on.  Every penny counts in this industry and technology is discovering new ways every day to help these hard-working operators save big.  It’s not only become an essential way to operate a food truck, but the only way a customer might be able to find them these days.

How New Tech Services are Making Life Simple for Food Truck Operators

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