23 December 2022

The New Age of Catering

Corporate catering is changing. As people head back to offices (slowly) employers are reexamining how they feed employees. Pre-Pandemic scoop and serve trough-style catering was the accepted way to feed a department quickly and easily. Of course there were always going to be some people left out, vegans, celiac etc, but the majority would get a quick meal and be back to work. The open-trough feeding just seems unsanitary now. Do I really want to touch utensils everyone else has had their hands on? Do I really want the 20 people in front of me breathing, sneezing and coughing on my food before I get in to scoop? Nope! Not after two years of masking up to protect myself against invisible pathogens. 

New feelings about sanitary conditions are why food trucks have become such a desired alternative to the troughs. Employees can now eat made to order meals from an onsite kitchen. Additionally, The Best Food Trucks platform allows employees to put in online orders days before their catered lunch so they’re not rushing to get it done on the day of the meal service. Each employee can put in special instructions to ensure that they get a meal they can eat and enjoy. 

The New Age of Catering

In a bid to bring employees back to the workplace, employers are using great food from trusted sources to keep employees happy and content.  We’ve seen a rush on corporate meal services. The two most popular are full catered lunches where employees simply walk up or order online from a limited menu. The bill is covered by the employer. These catered events are less frequent and typically fall on special days.  Gaining popularity is the employer subsidized meal plan that sees a food truck come more regularly with the employer issuing online coupons to employees. Employees can quickly order online with a coupon issued by their company. We’ve seen coupons from $3-$15. Employees get a great made to order email with a small ticket price. 

Whatever the meal service, Best Food Trucks can find a solution that works for your employees in a sanitary less wasteful way. Made to order meals from a food truck are hot and prepared onsite, with less waste than traditional trough style catering. 

The New Age of Catering

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