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27 December 2022

Get In On The Catering For Food Trucks!

We've got some great new services and features to help food trucks using BFT bring in more money each week. If you own a food truck and make a weekly income with BFT, you'll love our brand new features and services. Try our cutting-edge new tool to get new customers and retain the ones you already have. Gaining and keeping customers is now a breeze. Contact us at [email protected] if you have any further inquiries or require assistance.

The New and Improved Catering Requests Application

Apply for catering requests by going to Food Truck Catering requests have increased dramatically in 2022. Applying for catering requests takes 10-15 seconds once you have your food truck catering menu set up. Some of the local food trucks for catering did over $40,000 in 2022. Now you can request a higher budget by clicking “reject" and asking for a budget increase.

Minimum Pre-Order Guarantee Before Catering For Events

Now you can require your customers to hit a pre-order guarantee before confirming your shift. Customers will be able to track orders on your order page to ensure everyone is ordering. To create a minimum pre-order guarantee shift go to “schedule customer shift” in the BFT app and select "Minimum Guarantee '' section.

Simplify Your Food Truck Operations With BFT's Point-of-Sale

The Best Food Trucks Point of Sale was created to work seamlessly with our BFT online ordering system. Once activated, the POS will appear on the BFT app.

  • Having all of the food truck catering orders on one screen will simplify the process of managing walk ups and online orders. Currently, only the online customers are alerted via email when the  food trucks available for catering are scheduled at one of our locations, with our new POS, we’ll also alert walk up customers that share their phone number or email for notifications. People are incentivized to share their phone number, so they can be alerted when their food is ready.
  • Our introductory POS processing fee at 2.5% + .05 (for the first 6 months then 2.6% + .05). We have also built in incentives for POS use. If you do $200 in credit card payments, you’ll receive a $5 credit towards booking dates.
  • If you refer a food truck to the POS you'll receive $100 through Stripe after they hit $2,000 in credit card payments through BFT POS.

If you’re interested in using our POS, reach out to sales@bestfoodtrucks and please let us know where to send the credit card reader (free) and let us know when you’d like to start catering via food trucks for events.

Get In On The Catering For Food Trucks!

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